Be aware of your food choices. #BeLikeRadha, go organic with 24 Mantra Organic

Be aware of your food choices. #BeLikeRadha, go organic with 24 Mantra Organic

June 12,2019 | Organic Lifestyle|

In the current fast food era, are you able to provide healthy, organic, and chemical free food to your family? Are you fulfilling their nutritional needs? These are just a few of the questions that concern many.

Thousands of advertisements and brands we see regularly add to all the more confusion. With so many labels and claims that promise health & wellbeing, it is actually difficult to decide which one to choose.

‘Zero calories’, ‘low-fat’, ‘direct from the farm’, ‘whole grain’, ‘natural’ etc are some of the 'so-called healthy' claims made by an endless number of brands.

But, after reading the claim, have you ever turned over the packet o check the authenticity in the nutritional chart? If you ever do so, you will find that most of them contain refined sugars.

Many surveys conducted earlier show that at least one pesticide is present in every food item you consume. Also, studies have shown that the use of pesticides, even at low doses can lead to various types of cancers(brain tumor, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.) Pregnant women, children, and aged people are more vulnerable. Can you imagine the risk when you use such food regularly?

Be it a daughter, a wife or a mother,  it's always an untold responsibility to keep your family healthy and happy! Hats off to women, who put extra effort in keeping up with their responsibility.

#BeLikeRadha, a campaign recently launched by 24 Mantra Organic aims to help us understand more about organic food and its importance in maintaining good health. Radha, like many of us smart and strong women, chooses organic food over unhealthy, conventionally grown produce. She provides her loved ones with necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrition through 100% genuine and organic food.

Here are some facts to help you understand the authenticity of organic food by 24 Mantra :

  • 24 Mantra Organic follows very strict standards that include no GMOs, no toxic pesticides, chemicals, or any artificial adulterants.
  • Also, 24 Mantra Organic food is not processed using radiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives.
  • Along with all this, 24 Mantra Organic goes through a very rigorous certification process which makes sure that the food you get on your plate is not just 100% pure and nutritious but also promotes ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

If you think you eat 100% natural and fresh, allow me to tell you that everything natural isn’t pesticide free or organic. Every brand that claims to be healthy, need not be organic. Be conscious of what you choose to put in your body.

With #BeLikeRadha, let's steer clear of false claims and move towards a better and organic life with 24 Mantra Organic. Choose from a range of 200+ organic products from 24 Mantra and start a healthy and happy life. Know more here: