Why Choose 24 Mantra Organic?

Why Choose 24 Mantra Organic?

June 12,2019 | Organic Lifestyle|

When it comes to health the first person we blindly trust are mothers, I am sure many will agree with me on that.  Every mother’s penultimate goal is to see their children healthy, fit and active, and the only way they can majorly contribute is by providing them healthy Organic food from a trustworthy brand.

  Hence, I would like to introduce to you all a brand which has come to solve the biggest worry of most of the mothers, which is how healthy the food she is preparing for her child is? Is it really organic, pesticide-free, authentic and most important sustainable, the weather this product can be part of their lifestyle and not a momentary benefit? 24 Mantra Organic is the answer to all these Questions. The brand as the name suggests is pure, consistent, genuine and sustainable to make it as a part of everyone’s lifestyle. It involves Cereals, Dals, Flours, Millets, and Spices. They even sell ready to Cook dishes, culinary pastes, masala mixes, snacks, jams, sauces, etc. They are highly involved to make every step organic from its farming level to the transport, storage, and even packaging, every step is true to maintain their Organic Philosophy.

   They recently started a campaign called #BELIKERADHA, where they are focusing on Smart mothers who are aware of the side effects of pesticide, genetically and chemically modified food which have very little to negligible nutritional value. For those who are unaware, consumption of non-organic food leads to gradual accumulation also known as ‘bioaccumulation’ of toxins and chemicals in the body; these accumulated toxins disrupt normal biological processes in the body and cause many inflammatory and allergic reactions. All this just by poor diet, so having healthy organic food is halfway to a healthy lifestyle.

In 24 Mantra Organic, they get down to the basic level of seed selection, agro-climatic zone, farmer selection, farming and cultivation methods which then undergo a 5 level check and then packed and transported and made eventually available at the stores.  Never heard of any brand being so meticulous about each and every step, this speaks volumes about their principles and ethics.

#BELIKERADHA is an answer to concerned mothers who worried by the authenticity of the food they buy in the market under the name of ORGANIC. A piece of important advice is not to fall for the discounts and offers trap cause even if you and your family seem ok now, in the long run, you are doing more harm and even being charged a bomb for adulterated products.