#BeLikeRadha and choose the best organic food for your family

#BeLikeRadha and choose the best organic food for your family

June 12,2019 | Organic Lifestyle|

Whether it is food or money, in today’s world, we are looking for fast solutions to all our problems. Fruits and vegetables that used to be only available seasonally, 2 decades ago, can now be bought throughout the year. 

Chemical pesticides and fertilizers have become apparent in the majority of food items. So, what is the solution to all our food worries?

The answer is indeed organic food!

Organic food is a way of growing and processing food without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Not just this, organic farming is sustainable, thereby, benefiting the ecosystem.

Why switch to an all-organic diet?

100% certified organic food items do not just offer pure & genuine nutrition but also protect you from the harmful effects of pesticides. Long time exposure to pesticides has been linked to the occurrence of many serious illnesses and disorders.

With so many brands claiming to be healthy, it can be difficult to decide the best one for your health. Looking at all the so-called healthy claims made by different brands, I too was left confused. At that point in time, I happen to try 24 Mantra Organic and since then I have never looked back.

24 Mantra is a certified organic brand offering a range of 200+ products. 24 Mantra follows very strict quality checks to ensure all the products are free from GMOs, toxic pesticides or chemicals, and artificial adulterants. Also, 24 Mantra Organic food is not processed using radiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives. Along with all this, 24 Mantra Organic goes through a very rigorous certification process which makes sure that the food you get on your plate is not just 100% pure and nutritious but also promotes ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Being a mother, I have always been on the lookout for food that meets all the nutritional requirements of all my family members. And I am happy to say I found that with 24 Mantra.

24 Organic Mantra, groups farmers from different states of India and sources their produce directly from them.

24 Mantra recently launched a campaign called #BeLikeRadha. The campaign aims at helping and supporting us in making a wise decision when it comes to the health & wellbeing of our family.

Radha, just like many of us, doesn't compromise on nutrition. She knows organic food is the outcome of years of hard work. She trusts 24 Mantra because she knows it's the only brand that sources the raw material straight from the farm.

I support Radha is this mission to provide only 100% genuine and organic food to her family. Just like Radha, you too can start your organic journey with 24 Mantra Organic.