#BeLikeRadha, choose better for your health with 24 Mantra Organic

#BeLikeRadha, choose better for your health with 24 Mantra Organic

June 25,2019 | Organic Lifestyle|

We all have come across buzzwords like healthy, nutritious, and organic printed on multiple food packages. And since a good number of people around us are switching to healthier options, we see a lot of brands catering to a wide audience that wants to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Navigating through the maze of food labels, benefits and claims can be confusing. With the trend growing large, we end up buying the 'not so healthy products' advertising promising claims.

Unlike other food brands available in the market, 24 Mantra understands a mother's struggle to provide 100% healthy and pure food for herself and her family. Taking this into consideration, 24 Mantra's recent campaign #BelikeRadha, aims to make it easy for women to choose the right nutrition for their family and motivate everyone to make the right choice for their health and the environment.

What is so special about organic farming?

Organic farming knows how to effectively use the compost and natural waste to grow the crops without any chemicals or synthetic adulterants. Also, the continuous crop rotation helps the soil retain moisture and nutrients.

24 Mantra Organic as a brand believes in the seed to kitchen philosophy. Along with training the farmers, 24 Mantra Organic also encourages the farmers to practice a sustainable livelihood.

24 Mantra offers a wide range of products like cereals, dals, spices, flours, millets, oils, teas, culinary pastes, masala mixes, jams, dry fruits and many more. They follow very strict quality standards that include no GMOs, no toxic pesticides or chemicals, and nothing artificial.

24 Mantra's farming projects, products, and processing facilities have been certified for EC 834 / 2007 standards, US NOP, and Indian NPOP organic standards. Most of the projects are certified by Control Union International and Onecert. They are a member of IFOAM and are registered with the US FDA.

It is upon us to ensure the health of our loved ones, hence make an informed decision by switching to products that are good for us, and the environment.

Just like Radha, you can also kickstart your organic journey with a 24 Mantra organic starter kit worth Rs 100. Buy here:https://bit.ly/2J3G9MO

Know more about Radha’s organic journey here: https://organicishealthy.24mantra.com/radhas-life.php