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Start your organic journey with our starter kit.

When you invest in your health by eating right, you choose good for your body. The good that helps you maintain a healthy weight and gives the right nourishment. Because, in the end, eating less is not the solution, eating right is! Which is why we are here to help you kickstart your organic journey with this exciting 24 Mantra organic starter kit!

What's in store for you?

Organic whole wheat atta

Sourced from 100% organic farms of Rajasthan that produce traditional wheat varieties, 24 Mantra Whole Wheat Atta is low on gluten and soft in texture. It is ground using traditional chakki, this keeps the aata fresh, nutritious, with high bran content. When finally served on the plate in the form of roti, it turns out to be soft, fluffy, and yum!

Tur dal

24 Mantra Organic tur dal is handpicked from 100% organic farms, thereby, ensuring no adulteration. Tur dal is not only an important source of protein in a vegetarian diet but also extremely easy to prepare. Consumed in combination with other cereals, it makes a well-balanced meal.

Chilly powder

24 Mantra organic chilli powder is traditionally ground to retain flavour and nutritional value. Grown without synthetic pesticides, artificial colours or GMOs, organic chilli powder along with boosting metabolism also imparts a dusky, mildly peppery flavour to any dish.

Turmeric powder

24 Mantra Organic turmeric powder is free from all forms of adulteration. The organic turmeric powder adds an excellent taste and aroma to the food. It contains more than 3% curcuminoids content. Use it as a spice, medicine or as a cosmetic. It works wonders in any given way.